Matakana Wine Trail     
" Character, Diversity, Passion "
Members information

Matakana Winegrowers Inc.’s mission is to advance and enhance the mutual interests of the winegrowers in the wider Matakana region, in matters pertaining to the growing of grapes, and the production and marketing of grape wines of the region.

Membership is open to all commercial grape growing and/or grape winemaking enterprises in the wider Matakana region. 

The committee consists of:

Richard Robson - Matakana Estate - President
John Crone - Hyperion Wines - Treasurer

Ann Williamson - Secretary
Robin Ransom - Ransom Wines
Clyde Cooper - Runner Duck
Hegman Foster - Omaha Bay Vineyard
Rachael Bryers - Monarch Wine Estate
James Graham
Warren Knudsen
Mike Reid - Vinozone
Karl Nola

To download the full rules of the society click here.

To become a member click here for the application form.